Abide Student Ministry


Mission Statement: Abiding/Resting in the new life and love that God has shown us through His Son Jesus. As we abide in Jesus, walk with Him we will bear fruit and so prove to be His disciples/followers (John 15:4-9)

Weekly Ministry:

  • Abide Worship: On Wednesday starting August 23rd (during the school year), we are having our Abide Worship time from 6:30-8:30. Abide Worship is a time of table games (ping pong/foosball), board games (Cards and Spoons/Jenga/Uno), worship led by our student praise team, relevant teaching moment from The Bible, and hangout time. All students 6th-12th grade our welcome, and this time takes place upstairs in The Arbor (youth room). We would love to see you there.


  • Abide B&B (Breakfast and Breakout): Abide B&B happens on Sunday morning from 9:30-10:40. Abide B&B is time of breakfast, hangout, games/icebreaker activities, and breakout sessions going deeper through our topic that was introduced on Wednesday night. This also is a time for all students 6th-12th grade, and we would love to see you there!!
  • Abide SNL: Sunday NightLife is our time on Sunday nights from 6-8 (during the summer the time was 7-9 but as of 8/27/17 it will be 6-8) where students from 6th-12th grade have small group time broken up in guy/girl groups. After we have a time of small groups, we will have a time of fun together. Our time of fun normally involves something like NERF War, movie night, kickball night, swim party, and more.


Big Events:

  • Abide Retreat: Abide Retreat is our fall retreat that is coming up Oct. 13th-15th in Glorieta, NM. The cost is $75 to cover lodging, meals, fun/activities, hike, bonfire, and more. Abide Retreat is a time for students to take a break and getaway from the craziness of life to grow together as a group, begin/grow closer in their relationship with Jesus, and have a ton of fun.

  • Student Leadership Retreat: Throughout the year, we have a student leadership team who uses their gifts and talents to serve The Lord in various ways throughout our student ministry. If you want to apply for student leadership you can print off this (Expectations of Student Leaders) attached form and give it to Aaron Gregory (Student Pastor). For example of our ministry areas:
    • Hospitality Team: We have a group of students who meet/greet/connect with visiting students and families at all of our student ministry events. They also are in charge of following up with visitors as well.
    • Praise/Worship Team: We have a group who plan/practice/lead/direct the creative arts portion of our student ministry, from the state set-up to the lights/visual/audio to the leading of praise songs.
    • Set-up/Tear down Team: We have a group who helps physically run our student ministry. These students help set-up/tear down different events we have going on, help in the physical needs/upkeep of the student ministry.
    • Retreat: Twice a year (Summer/Winter) we take the student leaders on a retreat to pray, do evangelism training, grow together, study scripture and plan the student ministry events for the semester to come.
  • Abide Mission Trips: Twice a year we take mission trips to go out and serve the world/share The Good News of Jesus Christ. We take an in-state mission trip during Spring Break, and we take an overseas mission trip during the summer.
  • Abide and Collide Camp: Every summer we go to camp in Latham Springs at Camp Collide. Camp Collide is the best week of the whole year full of games, activities, group growth, worship, teaching and more. Attached below is the Camp Collide recap from last year to give reference to what Camp Collide is like.
  • 323 Serve: 323 Serve is a time during the summer where our students serve our community in Seminole by fixing up houses, doing yard work, sharing The Gospel, and more. We love our community and want to be the hands/feet of Jesus in Seminole.

Coming up this week:

  • Abide Worship:
    • Wednesday, September 20th: Check out this announcement video to see what is happening in our church family for you to plug in.
  • This Wednesday (9-5-17) from Aaron Gregory on Vimeo.

  • Abide Retreat:
    • Abide Retreat is happening a month from today (Oct. 13th-15th). Abide Retreat is for all students, no matter who you are or where you have been/or are going, to come to Glorieta, NM and have their lives changed! Abide Retreat is a time for students to take a break and getaway from the craziness of life to grow together as a group, begin/grow closer in their relationship with Jesus, and have a ton of fun. The activities we will be doing are mountain scooters, hiking, super swing, blacklight volleyball, putt putt, archery tag, and more.