Seedlings Preschool Ministry


Seedlings Preschool: Planting the seeds of Jesus in the hearts of children.

Preschool Team:

  • Family Worship Guides: Through our family ministry at First Baptist Seminole, our staff and leaders believe that the job of primary spiritual teaching of a kid’s life is given to parents. We at FBC are wanting you all as parents to know that we are your biggest fan/supporter, equipping you and cheering you on as your share Jesus with your child at home. To this end, we have started making Family Worship Guide’s to help guide activities and conversations at home to nail down the truths of God’s word for your child. These stories, activities, and scriptures go hand in hand with the preschool and children’s ministry small group time at 9:30 on Sunday morning. You can find these family worship guides every Sunday at the welcome area of both the preschool and children’s areas, through a greeter handing you one, or at the entrances of the sanctuary. Your child can take part in the activities during the large family worship service at 10:45 on Sunday, then the family activity is something you could do during the week at home together. I pray this is a help for you and your child as you walk with Jesus this week. This family worship guide is from the past couple weeks.
    • Family Worship Guide (10/8):Purpose: As a church, we are called to and tasked with partnering with parents to be the spiritual leaders of their homes. Our prayer is that you as parents would feel equipped as we partner with you to lead your children to Jesus. When you succeed at home, we succeed at church. This activity, is a suggestion for you as a family to do together to drive home the main point of what your child has been learning in their small group time on Sunday’s.

      Title: Gospel Sharing through a Wordless Book

      Small Group Connection: In small group time, your child over the past few weeks, has been looking at the last week of Jesus’s life and specifically Jesus’s triumphant resurrection from the dead. During that last week (Luke 22:1-24:12) Jesus went through some pretty difficult things on His road to the cross. For children, sometimes it is hard for them to understand why Jesus had to go through all of that. In this activity, you will get the opportunity to show your child why Jesus came to the Earth, endured tough circumstances, went to the cross, to save us from sin.

      Directions: Schedule a time to read scripture together as a family. This could be before, during, or after a family dinner together. Read Luke 24:1-12. After you read together, you do this quick activity to drive home the point of The Gospel, the story of Jesus’s life/death/resurrection.

      Materials Needed:



      • Black Heart with dirt/sand:
      • Our hearts are dirty apart from God
      • Red Heart with cross on it:
      • When Jesus saved us because He loves us
      • White Heart:
      • When we love Jesus our heart is clean and not dirty anymore
      • Leaf:
      • The leaf reminds us that we to grow in love for Jesus
      • Flame
      • We need to shine our light for Jesus in the darkness
      • Crowned
      • When we love Jesus we are children of the King, prince and princesses of God.

      Pray as a family

      • Thank God for being good and loving to us. Thank God for Jesus. Ask God to help us know more about Him. Thank God for making our dirty hearts clean when we love Jesus. Ask God to help us be a light in this dark world.
  • Volunteer Brochure: This is a brochure giving both our volunteers and our parents kind of what our structure is like in the preschool area, gives a list of our leadership team to funnel questions and concerns, and allows you to be more aware/confident to know that your sweet children will be taken care of.

Coming up this week:

  • Wednesday, October 18th: Here is a announcement video of what you can expect on Wednesday for all ages!

This Wednesday (9-5-17) from Aaron Gregory on Vimeo.

  • Wednesday, October 18th: Adult DNA classes are continuing on, and it still isn’t too late to get plugged into one of them. To get an idea of what DNA classes are and which DNA classes are being offered this fall at FBC Seminole watch the video below. Once again, it is not too late to sign up and plug in.

DNA Groups from Aaron Gregory on Vimeo.

  • This Sunday, October 22nd: During our Sunday School hour, we are having small group time for all children and students. For our Preschool, our small group ages are:
    • Babies with Martha Dufour
    • 2 & 3 yr. old with Elena Vera, Mikayla Wolf, Madison Jones and Tristin Gregory
    • 4 & 5 yr. old with Christi McCasland and Tammy Hill
    • Nancy Sawatsky is a substitute